While we are a little slow in getting this reunion planned and communicated out to classmates - we hope that we'll still have a great turnout.  Please help spread the word to anyone you are in touch with and take advantage of the early-bird rate through September 25!

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Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Stan Balicki (Balicki)
Shannon Barber (Heckman)
Ashok Bhatia (Bhatia)
Jo Buehrer (Churchill)
Tracy Bunting (Spencer)
Stephanie Buric (Tatara)
Michael Campagna
Diane Curry (Bean)
Steve DeMarco
Erika Dernulc
Dave Diehl
Rebecca Donnelly
Clint Eastwood (Hochstedt)
Jon Fellows (Fellows)
Suzanne Ferbrache (Michas)
Steve Fotos
Mark Frigo (Frigo)
Karyn Furstenau (White)
Gretchen Haughton (Dockendorff)
Michael Hebreard
Cindy Hiscox (Hejny)
Cindy Hiscox (Hiscox-Hejny)
Clint Hochstedt (Hochstedt)
Jen Jacobek (Jacobek-Wallace)
Amy Johnson (Balicki)
Amy & Stan Johnson (Balicki)
Joseph Kagann
Thomas Karounos
Tom Karounos (Karounos)
Dave Kearney (Kearney)
Kara Kennedy (O'Connell)
Tammy Kujawa (Moore)
Eva LaMantia
Francisco Lasta
Patty Lyman (Campagna)
Kim Merkin (Martin)
Michael Michas
Mike Michas
Tony Moore
Charles More
Mark N/a (Whitney)
Michael Na (Hebreard)
Beth Nicholaou (Fotos)
David Purkey (Purkey)
Sarah Raths (Diehl)
Ted Repa
Anne Marie Rocco (Segal)
Tim Salman (Salman)
Kristen Schimmel (DeMarco)
Tracy Sinnott (Sharp)
Jodi Staken (Wiak)
Mark Stromberg
Rick Tatara
Maureen Vayda (Lane)
Chris Wallace
Richard Youngfelt (Youngfelt)
Rick Youngfelt (Youngfelt)