Share a Bit About Yourself!

Take a moment to complete or update your profile (click the purple "Add Your Profile" or "Edit Your Profile" buttons below this text) and let your fellow classmates know what you've been up to since high school. Your personal contact information will be kept private and secure and used for administrative purposes only. 

If you do not want to appear on this page, that's okay too. Simply notify us through the Contact Us page. The important thing is that you share your current address information with us and are part of our database moving forward.

Please upload a current photo of yourself. We will upload your senior photo from high school. If you want to update your "now" photo, click on "Edit Your Profile," log in, delete the old image and upload a new one. If you've forgotten your password, you can ask for a reset. Please don't start a new profile!

If you're using a different email than 5 or 10 years ago, email and we can edit your entry in the database with the new one.

Completing a profile does not register you for the reunion. More information to come on that.

Please note that your profile may take a few days to be approved and appear on the website.