We remember our classmates who have passed on.

Dan Ahrens

Dan passed away in 1993.  He is greatly missed by his friends.

Sandra Choinski

Sandy passed away suddenly in April, 2013.  She was a free spirit
with a huge heart and an even bigger laugh.  Her love for the Lord
was rivaled only by that of her love for family and friends.  Sandy
held a special place in her heart for animals, particularly dogs and
horses.  She enjoyed singing, designing jewelry, softball and her
motorcycle.  She is greatly missed.

Shawn Dunn

Shawn passed away on August 20, 2009 from skin cancer.
Chris Graff

Chris passed away in 2005 from colon cancer.  A number of people from the theater group got together in the summer of 2005 to celebrate him and their time in high school.



Denver Hinkle

Denver passed away on September 11, 2010 due to injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident.   Denver was a life long resident of Downers Grove.  He leaves behind two children; Nicholas and Kaleigh.

Tracey Mitsch

Although she was challenged with health issues throughout her childhood, Tracey always had a smile to share. 
Christian Nestle

Christian died on January 23, 2004.  At the time he died, he was living in Texas. He had his own salon, which was gorgeous.  He was stylist for bands, and worked for the brother of the late tejano singer Selena.  Christian was a DJ, and made a few mix cd's.  He spun at a few popular clubs.  He was single at the time of death.  Christian brought so much joy to all his friends and family and is missed dearly.  He was a great friend and a truly gentle soul.
David Yurgil

David is missed by his friends.
Lisa Zimmerman

Lisa passed in 2004. She was a devout vegetarian and loved animals. She was a devoted veterinarian technician. She was an avid skydiver and rode motorcross. She was always whacky and fun to be around. She is missed by all who knew her.