Ah... the memories!

You can upload photos to the albums on this page.  Just get out your photos and scanner (or take them to a local photo shop or drug store) and then click the link immediately below. Photos may take a few days to be processed.  Please include your name in case we need to contact you.  The photo albums are only as diverse as YOU make them! 
Patty (Lyman) Campagna, Diane (Curry) Bean and Kristin

30th Reunion!

Please upload pictures from the 30th reunion and share them on Facebook!
Todd Rountree, Rob Rhee, Jon Fellows, John McIntosh and Broc Montgomery sing a rousing rendition of 'Ebony and Ivory.'

20th Reunion - Emmett's Ale House Photos

A new crest adorns the new main entrance.

20th - DGN School Tour

Approximately 50 classmates joined Vice Principal Dr. Ken Sorenson for a guided tour around DGN. The addition up front is absolutely amazing and contains a state-of-the art music wing and field house. The rest hasn't changed too much and the memories came flooding back!

High School Days

Upload your favorite shots of you and your friends from high school.
Student Council State Convention. Bismark Hotel, Chicago. Christi Scroggins and Kristen Schimmel.

High School Activities

Choir, Band, Activities & Clubs
Melissa Olson and Broc Montgomery: Attendant and Escort 1988


Homecoming and Turnabout dances - all years
Recently married - October 2008 in New Orleans.  Patty (Lyman) Campagna and Michael Campagna.

Look at Me Now

Show us photos of you and your family!  Photos of you doing what you love!  Photos of you that help us to see what you've been up to!  Whatever... just help us include you in a slide-show at the reunion by sharing current photos of you!  Add a little caption if you want to explain the photo or provide more detail.