Our 30th Reunion is coming up!
Join your classmates for a celebration the evening of Sept. 14
at Emmett's in downtown DG. Click on the "Buy Tickets Here" tab.

We'll be posting more information here and on the closed class Facebook page. Check it out if you haven't already and ask to join:

Let us know if you're interested in helping organize the reunion by emailing or pinging us on Facebook.

Be sure to update your Classmate Profile and
any pictures in photo albums.
Let's get caught up!
Reunion Quiz
What was NOT featured on a Class of '89 Homecoming parade float during our four years at DGN?

A big purple dinosaur preparing to scorch Lyons Township Lions
A Trojan Horse sneaking into the gates of the Downers Grove South Mustangs
Herbie the Love Bug eating an Oak Park Huskie
Trojans rejoicing over the body of a Hinsdale Central Devil in a Prohibition-era barrel
Reunion Poll
Where do you live now?
In the DGN school district
Elsewhere in Illinois
Outside Illinois
In a foreign country
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